Canadian Animal Feed Products

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Founded in 1975, it is our corporate goal to help feed manufacturers improve the quality of their feed and to solve challenging production problems. Not only do we supply premium products, but we also provide excellent technical support and service based on over 31 years experience in the international feed manufacturing business. We provide the following free services to our customers:

Bento-Boost ®

Agent used to improve the production capabilities of sodium bentonite in pelleted livestock feed. Use 2 % to 5% Bento-Boost by weight of the sodium bentonite level. For example, when using 20 kg/tonne of bentonite, add 500 gm to 1 kg of Bento-Boost. (Feed Acts Regulation #980253.)

Bin-Aid ®

Anti-bridging agent for pelleted feeds. Inclusion level is 1 kg Bin-Aid per tonne of feed. (Feed Acts Registration #980425.)

Pel-Aid ®

Pelleting agent for difficult to pellet feeds. Recommend 0.5 kg per tonne of feed to be pelleted. (Feed Acts Registration #980252.)

Xtra-Dry ®

Anti-caking, anti-leaching agent for ruminant mineral feeds. Use 5 to 10 kg per tonne of minerals. (Feed Acts Registration #981987.)